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Ponderosa Pet Suites Dog and Cat Boarding, Wasilla AK


Ponderosa Pet Suites is the ultimate retreat for your pets.    We specialize in individual attention and playtime!   

Canine Guests:        Your dog will enjoy a suite furnished with a bed, couch, or armchair and indoor/outdoor run for summertime fun! Room service for breakfast and dinner is provided inside their suite.  Throughout the day your dog will have individual playtime with staff, or canine group playtime, whichever you choose.  

 Feline Guests:       Kitty accommodations include comfy beds, climbing towers, lots of toys and mountain views! Room service for breakfast and dinner is provided in the comfort of their cozy kitty hideaway.  Throughout the day your cat will enjoy individual playtime with our staff. 



 Last pick up or Drop off time is 5pm every day   

Mon-Fri 8am-530pm (closed daily 12pm-2pm)  

Sat-Sun 9am-530pm (closed daily 12pm-2pm)   

Closed Thanksgiving Day 

Closed Christmas Day (December 25)




 Dogs $35.00 single, per night, additional dog $30.00 per night  

Cats $20.00 single, per night, additional cat $15.00 per night

.    *Dogs must be from same household and able to share a suite to receive discount.   Any pet picked up after 12noon will be charged a 1/2 day boarding fee, per pet. Pick up times are still available in the afternoon, between 2p-5pm.

Customer is responsible for all dates booked within their reservation, once pet is checked in at Ponderosa

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Ponderosa Pet Suites

241 W Schrock Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654, us

(907) 357-7297


Monday thru Friday 8am to 530pm

Closed daily 12pm to 2pm

Saturday thru Sunday 9am to 530pm

Closed daily 12pm to 2pm

Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

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